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1 The Geography of Sustainability Transitions: Review, Synthesis and Reflections on an Emergent Research Field Teis Hansen 1,2 * & Lars Coenen 2,3. The main goal of International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems is to encourage studies exploring all organisations in unique transitional and innovative contexts. · Energy Transitions delivers leading research that evaluates the policy, economic, journal of sustianabilty transitions and technical challenges and opportunities arising from initiatives to move toward more sustainable and less-carbon intensive power generation mixes. We determined the 40 most valuable lobster ports to be sustianabilty representative.

. Niki has published close to 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and in 20 released three books on urban sustainability transitions. “Maine seaweed: the next super-food? journal of sustianabilty transitions Enabling Future Sustainability Transitions An Urban Metabolism Approach to Los Angeles. Sustainability transitions are long-term, multi-dimensional, and fundamental transformation processes through which established socio-technical systems shift to more sustainable modes of production and consumption.

One particularity of sustainability transitions is that guidance and governance sustianabilty often play a particular role ( Smith et journal of sustianabilty transitions al. We mapped all current and pending kelp aquaculture leases and used these to identify areas where there were large and valuable lobster ports adjacent to clusters of kelp sites. ” Bangor Daily News, Septem. While journal of sustianabilty transitions there are a few kelp leases journal of sustianabilty transitions further north in the Penobscot River and Frenchman Bay, nearly all other kelp aquaculture sites are located in th. To address these questions, we collected spatially explicit d.

Government at its end. The overall project has comprised three action research cycles, the frst of which was the planning cycle. Department of Human Geography, Lund University, Sölvegatan 10, SE-22362 Lund, Sweden. Locally-derived value added products like kelp chips and other dried kelp products have been popular, North America is projected to have the fastest growing kelp market, and growth of other uses in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is predicted to fuel market growth (Markets and Markets ).

INTRODUCTION The concept of sustainability transition is widely used, and the desirability of such transitions is generally emphasized. The journal offers a platform for reporting studies of innovations and socio-economic transitions to enhance an environmentally sustainable economy and thus solve structural resource scarcity and environmental problems, notably related to fossil energy use and climate change. Agro-food sustainability research is conducted largely in the. In the next 10 years, do you believe this growth will: a) continue at the current rate (an average of 6. According to transition theory from the multi-level perspective, transition process sustianabilty of urban transportation is illustrated in Fig. To journal of sustianabilty transitions do this, we used Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) data on the landed value of lobster for ports in Maine and the locations journal of sustianabilty transitions of current and pending kelp aquaculture leases (Maine DMR ). This involves attention journal of sustianabilty transitions for technological, organizational, economic, institutional and political innovations as well as economy-wide and sector changes, such as in the areas of energy, transport, agriculture and journal of sustianabilty transitions water. Beyond the more technical definition journal of sustianabilty transitions as, “the ecology of food systems”, agroecology has a.

· sustainable development, social justice, ecology, community, green energy, sustainable scholarship, food. This paper seeks to determine sustianabilty kelp’s potential to diversify Maine’s coastal economy, specifically asking the questions: (1) Geographically, where along Maine’s coast is a transition from lobster fishing to kelp aquaculture most likely to take place? Abstract: Sustainability transitions require societal change sustianabilty at multiple levels ranging from individual behavioral change to community projects, businesses that offer sustainable products as well as policy-makers that set suitable incentive structures. What is sustainability oriented innovation?

Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning: Vol. Expert Interview Question 1: According journal of sustianabilty transitions to the Department of Marine Resources there journal of sustianabilty transitions has been a 27% increase in kelp aquaculture production since. ” Huffpost, Aug. “Seaweed on your dinner plate: the next kale could be kelp. Zeppini / Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization–203 189 We frame the transition to sustainable technologies as a coordination problem with multiple equilibria. In Section 3 results are presented, as well as inferences made. Sustainability should also be based on the ethical principles of equity in distribution of income, wealth and control of resources.

, ), and the journal of sustianabilty transitions Sustainable Transitions Research Network (STRN) has been established to journal of sustianabilty transitions connect scholars and to stimulate exchange (www. Currently, a transition to sustainable food systems is the objective of many initiatives in the food arena (e. Continuing the mission of the partner journal, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, the journal will address key challenges in the global energy transition, and the wider sustainable development and environmental issues related to it, and act as a forum for the best research to come together and journal of sustianabilty transitions provide solutions and pathways for us to establish a world based on low-carbon energy. Its transition development involves many factors, including economy, society, culture, technology and innovation. Welcome to the Sustainability Transitions Research Network – the international network of scholars interested in the sustainable transformation of socio-technical systems. If so, by how much? While there is momen. The general patterns of peaks, oscillations, and eventual settling to steady-state are indicative of turbulence during journal of sustianabilty transitions the transition, with high risk of cultural disruptions and violence.

3: In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges in kelp aquaculture in Maine over the next ten years? Regional Sustainability is an international peer-reviewed open access journal publishing high-quality articles in multi-disciplinary and. What is Journal of sustainability?

International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems (IJTIS) Inderscience Publishers - linking academia, business and industry through research. The two most valuable ports in Maine, Stonington and Vinalhaven, alone journal of sustianabilty transitions bring in nearly a fifth (19. We describe how different scientific approaches and methodological positions explore diverse types of transitions and provide the basis for multiple theories and models for governance of sustainability transitions. · In line journal of sustianabilty transitions journal of sustianabilty transitions with sustainable food system definitions, sustainability transitions aim journal of sustianabilty transitions to comprehensively address key challenges of societies through harmonizing ecological integrity and social equity (Markard et al.

; (2) What is the current and potential future economic value of kelp aquaculture to Maine’s coastal journal of sustianabilty transitions economy? b) increase from the current rate (6. () ‘The Governance Of Sustainable Socio-Technical Transitions’ Research Policy 34 pp. Kelp products and price per pound. ” Maine Public Radio, Ap. Involvement in the industry offers not only stable and secure employment, but a sense of purpose, community, and belonging for much of Maine’s coastal population.

Since the early journal of sustianabilty transitions 20th century, Maine has relied heavily on the lobster industry for its contributions to both the state economy and journal of sustianabilty transitions identity. Wild-caught lobster is one of Maine’s top enterprises; 80% of lobster in the United States come from Maine’s adjacent waters (Holland ). journal of sustianabilty transitions ; and (3) How are key stakeholders in Maine’s coastal communities responding to kelp aquaculture as a potential journal of sustianabilty transitions primary Maine industry? Kelp aquaculture has the potential to help diversify Maine’s coastal journal of sustianabilty transitions economy, which will be necessary in an era of warming waters. · ().

Hotspots of Transition The distribution of Maine’s major lobster ports suggests that the lobster industry is influential across the entirety of the coast, but there are key ports of particular importance for Maine lobstermen (Figure 1). First, we conducted a spatial analysis in order to determine the overlap of the kelp and lobster industries and identify places where kelp is most likely to act as substitute for the lobster fishery. Concepts, methods and tools are currently lacking that help to initiate and design transition governance processes based upon an encompassing understanding of such diverse interactions of actors and intervention points. Section 1 is the introduction of the paper, while Section 2 journal of sustianabilty transitions presents the methodology. The kelp industry meanwhile tends to be concentrated primarily in mid-coast Maine from Portland to Rockland. Search only for journal of sustianabilty transitions. c) decline from the current rate (6.

To the south is a cluster of valuable ports like Friendship, and Downeast Maine includes a number of other major ports, notably Beals. and change towards greater social sustainability, awareness and. . Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (ISSNis sustianabilty an online international, peer-reviewed publication focused on the practice and applied research interests of agriculture and food systems development professionals and scholars. A literature review of the academic and gray literature was undertaken to ascertain these donors’ transition journal of sustianabilty transitions policies and to determine the success of these policies in ensuring sustainable and effective transition. · In the case of the sustainability transitions research field, the most prominent journals are the Journal journal of sustianabilty transitions of Cleaner Production, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Energy Research and Social Science and Futures (STRN ). The paper is structured as a bibliometric analysis that journal presents the literature obtained, with key highlights and findings. Sustainability is a key journal of sustianabilty transitions to journal of sustianabilty transitions stability as frontrunner business houses align to develop competitive advantage through sustainability transition (Loorbach and Wijsman, ).

If the world fails to successfully navigate a transition to sustainable growth in agricultural production, the failure will be due more to a failure in the area of. 66%) of Maine’s total lobster landing value. The article describes the field of sustainability transitions research, which emerged in the past two decades in the context of a growing scientific and public interest in large-scale societal transformation toward sustainability.

“As Maine’s coastal waters warm, lobstermen look to new fisheries for stable future. Developmental States and Sustainability Transitions: Prospects of a Just Transition in South Africa. The lobster industry is estimated to create over 35,000 jobs on the working waterfront; in addition to the 4,500 state journal of sustianabilty transitions licensed lobstermen, the industry supports lobster dealers and processors, those involved with sustianabilty boat maintenance, and seasonal restaurant workers (Collins ). Organizations that help incentivize kelp aquaculture in Maine.

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